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Sexual Compatibility, wheeee.

Alright-O. Your job: March your patootie over to and take the Sexual Compatibility Test, and then post your loverly results here.

To make things happy and, um, not baffling, cut the people in your result who aren't part of theroom out of your results.

rheavatarin 50%
bigpeteb 20%
the_glory_girl 16%
Should you be sleeping in Apartment #1 or Apartment #2?
Furthermore, should you do so naked? Click me, please. I'm hungry.

(Yes, I know this is silly, inaccurate, and pretty much wrong and dumb on all levels. Whatever. Humor me because I find it humorous.)
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You said you were 74% sexually compatible with Ross! Liar! I'm more sexually compatible with him than you are (60%)!

I think Peter was next on my list at 40-something percent, and you were 5%, obviously.

However, no test is needed to show that I am 100% sexually compatible with someone who sleeps in Apartment #1. And I don't mean Naked Corey.
No no, on the original compatibility test, the other one on the site. He and I are 72% compatible, actually.

But I just retook this test in hopes of becoming a more compatible person in general....